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What advice could you guys give me if I were to get into Electrical Engineering. Will it be hard at first?

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3 answers

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Grant’s Answer

A 1 year college course in Electrical engineering is a good place to start and follow on from there, I will help you with your studies if you would like, am on here to help students.

Grant, Scotland

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Jackson’s Answer

The following advice applicable to most engineering fields and not just Electrical Engineering.

1) Be a problem solver. Engineering work is a series of problem solving. The company hires you because they have technical problems they need to be solved.

2) Be curious. Sometimes the your solutions come from unrelated field. Sometimes talking to others will uncover that others are also encounter similar problems and there is collaboration opportunities.

3) Have grit. The problems you are facing as an engineer cannot be solved at this time because of technology is immature, there is not enough funding, not enough talent, etc... Just because you cannot solve the problem today does not mean you cannot solve the problem tomorrow because the situation changed.

4) Understand how your technical solution will impact the business. Just understand the technical problem and technical solutions are not enough. How is this technical solution will impact the business (generate more revenue, reduce operations expense, improve customer satisfaction, etc...)

Jackson recommends the following next steps:

Start with a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from a college / university.

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Suzy’s Answer

Anything worth it will be challenging, but not impossible.  If you're the type that's disciplined with time management & focused during class & know when to reach out for help, it's definitely doable. Expect to put in the time. It'll take a little adjustment at first, but very worth the time! Remember, you're programming your brain to problem solve!

When I first started, I thought it was impossible to get through the work load, but I did and you will if you want to! Just be sure to get help if you feel stuck and not be alone. I utilized all resources available to me which made a huge difference. Collaborating with your peers is a big plus!