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What's the steps to be a hvac tech

Updated Washingtonville, New York

Hi I just got out of school for hvac and now i'm looking for a job but it's hard to do. I'm not sure if i did everything right or i have to wait. #service #ac #boilers #cooling #heating

2 answers

Anna’s Answer

Updated Leominster, Massachusetts

Hello, Check inner city schools. They can help. Technical schools will give you a lead where to go. If you can't afford becoming a tech keep doing service, always worked for me.

Yashar’s Answer

Updated Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

Hi! You can also apply online through job boards (Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, Craigslist, etc.). Sometimes it takes some time to get a job. Good luck!

I do, but no one giving me a chance because i don't have a lot off experience. Now i'm lost on what to do next.