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Typical Work Day for Neurologist?

I am a high school senior and I am interested in becoming a Neurologist or a Neuro-Engineer. I was just curious about what a typical work day is like. neurology

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2 answers

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Emmawilson’s Answer

The day depends on whether you also do research and or teaching in addition to seeing patients, and whether you're affiliated with a hospital or run a private practice. If you don't do research or teaching, then you'll probably see 8 to 14 patients a day, that means you get to the office around 8:30am or 9:00am, have a 30min to 60min lunch break, then see patients until around 4:00pm or 5:00pm in the afternoon - by the way, seeing patients involves not only the time you spend with the patient but the write up and afterwards. You'll probably have paperwork and other administrative issues to deal with in addition to seeing patients, especially if you run your own practice. If you're affiliated with a hospital, you might have to do do some ER visits each day. On the weekend, you might be on call, so there's a chance you'll work.

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Maria’s Answer

Very good question,
Mostly depends on your subspecialty if you have one, procedures performed, hospital affiliation, teaching appointments, and research endeavors.
I have worked in most settings except research.
I do mostly clinic with little hospital work.
I also practice telemedicine.
My usual day is clinic all day, usually very little time for breaks 9a-4p
Occasional hospital duty (weekend)
I take telemedicine shifts from 7pm to 7a few days per month to supplement my income and save for my children's college.
Overall good family time and very happy with my career.