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Rusty Apr 10, 2013 1287 views

What is it like to work as a nurse in the emergency room?

I am really interested in science and working with people. I also like working in situations where I can be hands on. Im not sure if the ER is too stressful. #nurse

Doctor Professor Patrick’s Avatar
Doctor Professor Patrick Apr 10, 2013 1449 views

How can I obtain a career in a CSI lab?

I think I would really like analyzing evidence from crime scenes. #science #college-majors #crime

Alexisntrevino’s Avatar
Alexisntrevino Apr 10, 2013 1505 views

what is it like to be a nutritionist?

I'm am very interested in health. I also interested in nutrition and fitness. I want to learn more about what a nutritionist does on a day to day experience. #health

Alexisntrevino’s Avatar
Alexisntrevino Apr 10, 2013 3098 views

What are steps to becoming a nurse practitioner?

I am very interested in health and science. I love working with other and being hands on. I'm interested in becoming a nurse and want to know more about the steps to becoming a nurse practitioner. #nursing #nurse #nurse-practitioner #aprn

LakeishaL_af13’s Avatar
LakeishaL_af13 Mar 28, 2013 31250 views

What do nurses enjoy most about their job?

What do nurses enjoy most about their job?

BrianW_af13’s Avatar
BrianW_af13 Mar 30, 2013 4882 views

Typical Work Day for Neurologist?

I am a high school senior and I am interested in becoming a Neurologist or a Neuro-Engineer. I was just curious about what a typical work day is like. #neurology

ZhaneB_af13’s Avatar
ZhaneB_af13 Mar 28, 2013 2879 views

What are the benefits to each age group?

I know that a Psychologist can help out people of all different ages, from children to teenagers to adults. What are the pros and cons of working with each age group? #psychology

KapreeT_af13’s Avatar
KapreeT_af13 Mar 31, 2013 1472 views

Majoring in Different Areas of Psychology

I am interested in a lot of areas of psychology. I am interested in studying teenagers, victims of abuse and domestic violence, family relations and social psychology. I was wondering if I take classes in all of these areas would I have to spend more time in college or could I just take these...

IsabelL_af13’s Avatar
IsabelL_af13 Mar 31, 2013 1409 views

What do people focus on when studying child and teen development for psychology?

I was curious about what people focus on specifically when looking at child and teen development in terms of psychology. Do people study the child or teens environment, family, culture, peers, emotions, etc? #psychology

Marla’s Avatar
Marla Oct 14, 2012 3033 views

what kind of career that doesn't involve blood in medical school?

i'm in highschool and i want to go to medical school. i went to this program at havard where i saw dead people's body parts that are donated and i felts sick. #career-choice #college-majors

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Marla Oct 03, 2012 1452 views

what is it like being a nurse?

i'm 15 and i want to go to medical school. #doctor #career-paths

Marla’s Avatar
Marla Oct 02, 2012 12571 views

how many years do i have to be in school to be a pediatrician?

i'm 15 and i'm exploring my career options. #career-paths

Aaliya’s Avatar
Aaliya Oct 03, 2012 1703 views

What would a good college be good if I wanted to major in physiology

I really want to learn about the human brain and how it functions and about how it works. I like to understand people better, so I thought this would be the perfect thing to major in #college #career-paths #college-majors

Aisha’s Avatar
Aisha Sep 29, 2012 1639 views

How hard is it to preform surgery ?

I'm a sophomore in high school and i want to be a doctor. #doctor #medicine #healthcare #surgery #surgeon

Aaliya’s Avatar
Aaliya Sep 07, 2012 1752 views

What does a Cardiac doctor do on a day to day basis?

I worked at MGH during the summer and was in and out of this depatment and was just wondering what they did exactly #healthcare