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Was it worth it to major in Human Biology?

I am wondering about a career in the realm of human biology, but I am wondering how people have experienced the degree program #biology

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2 answers

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a’s Answer

Human biology is great if you want to pursue a career in the medical field (physician, nurse, physician's assistant) OR education (think high school biology teacher).

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Lindsey’s Answer

Whether any study is “worth it” is quite a subjective question and really depends on what each person values. Science doesn’t seek to find the answers to values and worth.
Do you value a job that pays more? Value one that gives you more time at home with the family or do you thrive on stress and long work hours? Are you a Travelin’ Matt or a homebody? Will more money or more happiness be more important to you? Will a shorter term in school or a more prestigious job be important? Some of the skilled trades will earn more than a person with a bachelor of biology, but will those trades make you happy? Will you be good at them? These aren’t questions a bunch of scientists can answer for you, nor should they try.