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how much years do i need to become a lawyer

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2 answers

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Charles’s Answer

Isabel G,

I don't know if you are still interested in this question, but just in case I would like to respond.

In order to be a lawyer in the USA, you need to complete a 4-year college degree, followed by a 3-year law school program. (Some law schools cater to working students and provide a 4-year law school part-time program - generally 3 courses per semester instead of 4 - but you have to attend classes year-round.) You must take the LSAT standardized test and get good scores prior to being accepted by most law schools. And of course in order to be accepted to law school you must get excellent college grades - generally A's with some B's.

Often prospective law students inquire about what college majors provide good preparation for law school. In my opinion, the type of major is not as important as the type of materials that you study and the type of tests that you take. Generally, you should take courses that require preparing papers and essay tests, rather than multiple choice or true/false. Lawyers must have excellent analytical abilities and need to know how to frame persuasive written and oral arguments for briefs, court appearances and trials (if you are a litigator) .

Of course a pre-law major (if available at your college) is ideal preparation for law school. But others are also excellent. I was a Government major, and many of my friends and acquaintances majored in History, English, Philosophy, Economics, and other social science programs.

Best of luck as you discern whether law school is right for you.

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Jenna’s Answer

In the US, lawyers generally need a high school diploma, and a bachelor's degree, which generally takes 4 years, then law school, which takes 3. So plan on at least 7 years of college, depending on your major, course load, and life in general. After law school graduation, you need to pass the bar, then get sworn in. It's not a fast process, but you can get through it!