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How to be like Leo Messi in soccer?

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4 answers

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Nabil’s Answer

I think Aman gave you a great list of technical points that will help you become like Leo Messi, but I will give you more general ideas that can be tailored to any sport or anything in life:

  • Never give up on your dream. There will be failures along the road and hard times that will push you to think that you will never be able to accomplish your dream, but use these experiences as opportunities to learn and grow and keep working harder until these failures transfer to success.
  • Believe in yourself. Remind yourself everyday that you want to be like Messi and that you have the ability to do that. Give everything you have in order to achieve this dream.
  • Train hard and smart. Training is the key for success. Hard means showing up everyday and putting the work and Smart means diversify your daily training and find new ways to keep improving.
  • Go to the gym and eat healthy. It's very important to be fit in order to succeed in any sport.
  • Surround yourself by people who they always support you and help you in your journey. Stay away from the negative people who are jealous of your success.
  • Challenge yourself. Play with people older and bigger than you from time to time. This will help you learn from them and make you prepared for tough opponents in the future.
  • Be a team player. Messi is not only a great dribbler or shooter, he is also a great passer. He cares about what the team does or accomplishes more than he cares about what he himself accomplishes.
  • Watch a lot of videos of Messi carefully to learn from him.
  • Stay humble.
  • Have fun.

I want to mention that I'm personally a Real Madrid fan since i was a kid but I really believe that Messi is one of the greatest soccer players of all time (Along with Christiano Ronaldo :) ) and that takes us to the last bullet point:

  • Always respect your opponent and use it as a tool to outwork them.

Good luck ! And I believe I will see you soon on the TV maybe playing with the Real :)

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Aman’s Answer

Quick points on how to play like Messi:

  • Spend time with the ball on a daily basis weaving in and out of cones or imaginary defenders
  • Touch the ball with each step when you dribble
  • Go slow at the defender to sucker them in and then burst past them with speed
  • Play one and two touch soccer when it’s on, don't force the dribble
  • Shield the ball with your body and protect it
  • Don’t give up on the play
  • Set players up by varying your play so they don’t know what you’re going to do – play one touch sometimes and dribble when you're one on one or in the attacking third
  • Use your shoulder and body to beat defenders with subtle feints

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mohamed’s Answer

Actually being like messi depends on your natural talent, however you can be a good player by achieving the below:
1- Keep your shape
2- Maintain and good and healthy diet
3- Train hard
4- Perform well consistently
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Tom’s Answer

To be the best you need to practice

Tom recommends the following next steps:

1/ Work on your weak foot - Practice kicking the ball against a wall right foot and left foot
2/ Stay behind after training to practice shooting, crossing, set pieces
3/ For free kicks in shooting distance, have a routine, look at the ball, then look at the area of the goal to shoot, repeat 3 times before actually shooting
4/ To keep the ball down when striking, ensure your knee is over the ball as you connect with the ball