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As a midwife how do you deal with handling a parent when the child does not make it?

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Hi I am a student at Achievement First Brooklyn High School, and I'm interested in being a midwife because I want to bring life into the world. I am scared of losing someone's child and having to see the pain that the parent has to go through. #midwifery

2 answers

Michelle’s Answer


So, this answer isn't exactly touchy feely, but it's a way to cope. First, if you do your job correctly, you are are not "losing their child." I would imagine that if you were somehow responsible, the burden of this would truly be hard to deal with, and I have known a few people who left their profession as a result. It is inevitable that you will care for a mom and family who do lose their child. Mainly what they need is your kind supportive presence and all questions answered as honestly as possible. Sometimes I cry too, and it's ok. But it gets easier the more times you do it.

Daniela’s Answer

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Hi Caitilin,

This article is so beautiful and deep. Take a read. I'm sure it'll be very helpful:


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