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I want to be a historian who can make a big imapct on how history is thought to student in high school what career path is the best for me.

I value the important of education because teacher need to know that it not what you teach but how you teach it , that why i want to be a teacher , I had a teacher named Mr.Delhagen and he thought a rigours history class that was so captivating and so aware about the world around me i felt like i can make a difference, i felt that I can change the world . But if i want to change the world you have to change how kids view the world , when you change their understand and make education/ history fun , you can change the world. #artist #historical-research

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Farhana’s Answer

I studied Social Studies/ Secondary Education. During University, I had to take a certain amounts of credits to fulfill the history requirements of my university and then I had to take education courses, in order to teach history to students. After I fulfilled both requirements for history courses and educations courses, I was certified to teach history to students. Depending on the university you attend, there will be a specific amount of courses you will need to take for history and education.

Thank you your advise mean a lot to me .I would take it and apply it rondell W.