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Asked Lynbrook, New York

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Tomás’s Answer

Updated Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile

Hello Keefer,

As Tony already pointed out, applying yourself to your studies and to develop programming skills is a good start for electrical and electronics engineers. However, in order to advance as EE engineer you have to decide in which field you want to specialize, this way you can take better decisions about what to do from now on.

For example, as an EE student I had to research about the available fields taught in my EE department. In the end, I decided to specialize in Integrated Circuit Design because it was a more challenging field for me and I wanted to work in Circuit Design, for discrete and integrated electronics. I took part in many projects related to said field and gained experience that was crucial for me to have other opportunities.

Finally, remember that you don't need to have all the answers now, an idea of what you want to become is a good start.


PS: You can go to IEEE web site for some insight (https://www.ieee.org/)

Tony’s Answer

Updated Vancouver, Washington

Hello Keefer. Aside from applying yourself to your electrical engineering studies, I recommend that you learn computer programming. More and more, being able to program a computer is required to design, manufacture, test, and manage electronics, and many electronic devices embed small computers.

If you are completely new to coding, one resource you can start with is code.org (https://code.org/student/middle-high).