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What kinds of job do they have with a major in General Studies of BS?

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4 answers

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Christine’s Answer

Hey Dami,

The first step you may want to take is to first find out if it is a BS in General Studies OR a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies. There is a difference between these degrees. Here is one answer I found:

What is the Difference Between the General Studies Major and the Interdisciplinary Studies Major?

While both programs are flexible and allow students to take courses from the various subjects across campus, the Interdisciplinary Studies major has is designed for motivated students who want to take control of their degree and design a directed program of study using courses from multiple disciplines while the General Studies major is designed as a degree completion program. The Interdisciplinary Studies major has a few more specifically required courses and a higher standard for program course grades. In many cases, both the General Studies and the Interdisciplinary Studies are appropriate and exciting options for students with previous college credit attempting to complete their degrees.” You may want to check put U.C. Berkeley’s Interdisciplinary Studies program, they started this degree program and it has been a huge success. Many Universities and Colleges offer INTS (Interdisciplinary Studies) degrees. I got an a BS in INTS which was an Educational Psychology concentration and am now at 67 going for my Masters in Educational Counseling.

Don’t let anyone down play your choice if this is it, Dami, it can be the perfect step to your all time favorite career. One of my students did Wildlife Photography and Biology, another one did Forensic Anthropology.....the possibilities can be endless AS LONG AS you do your due diligence and research just exactly what you want to do, talk to people in the field you are interested in, find out what they did to get where they are and see if the University you will be attending offer the courses you need to complete your degree.

Dami, be sure to really check into what interests you, if the University you will be attending offers this degree, you may be asked to write a paper why you want this degree, do you know anyone who has done a similar program and if so, what are they doing now, and maybe what do you plan to do with it when you graduate. You may also be asked to choose 3 or more disciplines.

Good luck, Dami.

Christine recommends the following next steps:

Research your areas of interest
Find someone in the field you are interested in and communicate with them about they got into the field.
THIS SHOULD BE #1 - make sure your University has this type of degree.
Decide what disciplines you would need to make up your degree.

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Sheri’s Answer

A bachelor's of science in general studies degree gives you a great holistic background, which should open the doors to many opportunities.  I would focus on researching areas of career interests and focus on securing internship(s) in those areas.  This will give you great real world work experience and the more experience you have the better it looks on your resume.  Good luck and best wishes to you! 

Sheri recommends the following next steps:

Start looking for internships

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Kam’s Answer

It really depends on your minor as well as any future schooling that you may enroll in. Perhaps, if you enjoy teaching you can further your education and gain a teaching certificate. Take your time to really assess your goals and what you are interested in. You should have a job that emphasizes your passion! Good luck.

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Kimberly’s Answer

It can be a little more challenging to find your first job with a general studies major as employers aren’t sure your skills and focus. I recommend highlights this those things in your resume and interview responses.