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frankie’s Avatar
frankie Sep 07, 2022 411 views

Are there opportunities for education and professional develpment being a psychiratists. ?

wanting to go more higher in my carrer path.

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Kryston Sep 18, 2020 548 views

How many years does it take to be a police officer ?

#choosing-a-major #police officer #higher-education #veterinarian #United States

Daniela’s Avatar
Daniela Aug 23, 2020 475 views

What are do´s and don´t in the medical field?

#medicine #medical #doctor #doctors #high-school #sat #advice #medical-field

Bahara’s Avatar
Bahara Aug 26, 2020 1957 views

Will double minor add value to my degree?

I am going to my 4th year of University and majoring in Accounting. I am considering doing a double minor in Finance and International Business. I am concern about double minors. Will double minors add value to my degree? and is it a good minor to choose with my major in Accounting? Need some...

Zakiyyah’s Avatar
Zakiyyah Aug 24, 2020 521 views

What are your primary job responsibilities as a attorney.

I'm outgoing ,I can do anything I put my mind to as long as I have that mindset. #school #attorney #fun

Daniela’s Avatar
Daniela Aug 24, 2020 602 views

Whats something you knew before you became a doctor?

#medicine #medical #doctor #doctors #high-school #sat #advice #medical-field

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Aug 21, 2020 828 views

I don't have a good memory; but I like to help others, and want a good paying job; what should I be??

#job-search #jobs #first-job #higher-education #career #career-choice #job-market

Eva’s Avatar
Eva Jul 08, 2020 647 views

Professional jobs that don't involve spending all day on the computer

I'm a political science college grad with experience working in the courts system, legal support, and criminal justice policy. I've realized that I don't like spending all day on the computer, and most of the professional jobs that I've had involve a lot of solo computer work. This last...

Jane’s Avatar
Jane Jul 01, 2020 1200 views

What are good colleges that could have good programs for CS and Cog Sci?

I'm a rising senior considering double-majoring.
#college #computer-science #college-advice #college-admissions #cogsci #cognitive #psychology #cs

Stanley’s Avatar
Stanley Feb 13, 2020 642 views

After high school is it an obligation to go to college for become a soldier?

Always trying to improve, try more than my best. #college #higher-education

Irving’s Avatar
Irving Sep 13, 2019 458 views

what type of certificates your going to get?


catherine’s Avatar
catherine Sep 06, 2019 458 views

how many years and what type of degree does a student need to obtain through college to become a MOS (coder)?

I'm a young single mother interested in joining the healthcare field as a MOS (coder) #college-major

DAMI’s Avatar
DAMI May 07, 2019 797 views

What kinds of job do they have with a major in General Studies of BS?


Gabriela’s Avatar
Gabriela Sep 07, 2019 543 views

What jobs can a communications major get?

A senior deciding on what to major in in #college-major college

Temitope’s Avatar
Temitope Sep 06, 2019 1163 views

Describe school in one word