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Whats something you knew before you became a doctor?

Hi Daniela, do you mean "what's something you WISH you knew before you became a doctor"? Gurpreet Lally

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3 answers

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Christine’s Answer

I am not sure if I am answering your question correctly, but here is what I believe you may be wanting to know. Before you invest all the time and money in becoming a doctor, you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

1.) What about coming a doctor interests you, helping people, the science you would be learning, the money, you have always wanted to be a doctor?

2.) Becoming a medical doctor takes approximately 11-13 years from Freshman year in college to your last year of residency. Sometimes depending on the field of medicine you choose it could extend another year beyond.

3.) It takes a lot of studying, memorization, learning, science, chemistry, physics, anatomy, to get into medical school. It is also many long hours while doing your internship and residency. It is competitive getting into medical schools so you would need a very good gpa, possibly 3.5 and above.

4.) Med school is VERY expensive. Many med students have to make student loan payments for years after graduating.

5.) Daniela, if after all I wrote above basically about the negatives of becoming a doctor you still want to pursue that career, then you have the heart to become a doctor and are willing to overcome any challenges.

These are a few more websites which are more general in nature explaining what it is to go to medical school:

Medicine could be a good fit for you if you are looking for a career that allows you to: Serve -- The profession of medicine requires a unique commitment to put the service of others first.

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Talk to a career counselor or pre-health advisor to learn more about the physician career path. Get medical related experience, which may include shadowing a doctor, volunteering in a medical setting, or working as an EMT or medical scribe…

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Health care is one of the rare industries that actually grew during the Great Recession and is continuing to expand rapidly. Driven by increased demand spurred by an aging population and new health care legislation, the next decade is projected to be bright for qualified health care workers. Overall, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects 5 million new jobs in the sector between 2012 and 2022. The medical and health sectors are divided into numerous specialty areas, offering prospective stude...

Good luck Daniela, I would be happy to help you further when you decide what you would like to do.

Christine recommends the following next steps:

I would suggest doing some research on medical schools, their requirements to get in and what specialities they offer.
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Estelle’s Answer

I worked in my father's medical office every summer in high school, so I knew how hard he worked and how grateful his patients were. I also knew that becoming a doctor would be a long and challenging process, but the rewards were going to be worth the effort and time.
Good luck!

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Rahul’s Answer

I was always aware that I wanted to become a doctor. Importantly, don't let what you experience after becoming a doctor change your perception of what you are doing. Do not allow any system to change your perception of your work. Individuals are important, but they are not the end of the world.