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What would be the best job related to being an entrepreneur?

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2 answers

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L.N.’s Answer

Hi Naileah!

Very good question! There are many jobs that can be related to entrepreneurship. If you have a specific major or career choice, oftentimes, you can venture into your own business as an independent contractor or freelancer. There are also many jobs that allow you to work a little more independently than some as an employee. From the entrepreneurial standpoint and speaking from experience, I have had a few roles that allowed me to be an entrepreneur and in business for myself as I contracted with clients to provide a business need. Such jobs can include but are not limited to:

  • Accounting (CPA and Non CPA)
  • Bookkeeper
  • Billing and Coding
  • Insurance Agent (non-captive)
  • Customer Service Agent
  • ESL/TESL/TESOL Teacher/Instructor
  • Nonprofit Founder
  • Attorney
  • Auto Mechanic
  • Writer/Author/Journalist
  • Childcare Owner
  • Tutor
  • Website Design

Please keep in mind any endeavor that involves entrepreneurship will also require certain standards that your client requires you meet in order to retain their business, so in this sense, even an entrepreneur still works for someone, to a certain degree. With that in mind, there are some freedoms that an entrepreneur has that an employee may or may not have (i.e flexible scheduling - but some employers are opting to increase work/life balance for employees, choosing where you will work - telecommuting from anywhere, and what types of services/products you will offer - not an exhaustive list).

While exploring different careers and how some may branch into entrepreneurship, keep in mind the things that you enjoy doing because an entrepreneur or a job that is close to entrepreneurship will require hard work, if not harder than what an employee would be required to meet and this will demand many hours in your day. If you are looking to work as an employee but to work more independently, research careers that do not require much customer interfacing or interaction.

Whatever you decide, be sure to reach out with more great questions like this one!

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Trent’s Answer

My best advice to you is to find an area of opportunity, or particular market that you find most interesting. As an entrepreneur you have to be passionate about your field of work, passion will help you drive from interest and desire to learn. There are many areas of the economy that you can learn a trade and obtain a liscence where you can set your own schedule and work as hard as you want to achieve your desires. Possible areas to think about are in real estate , sales , or a liscenced trade professional such as an electician or plumber.

Trent recommends the following next steps:

Create a list of areas that interest you and rank them in order of curiousity and interest.
Focus on developing and learning the basic steps to entering the market you choose
Create contacts with others who work in the area you choose and start to learn by following and reading studies and articles by those individuals.