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How do I find and join a fire academy

Updated Edinburgh, Indiana

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James’s Answer

Updated Lorton, Virginia

Each geographical area has their own fire departments. I am assuming you are looking for a paid position. I say that because smaller communities have all volunteer fire departments. If you are interested in a position with a fire department, you should first look to see where you want to live. Once you have decided that, then do a basic google search for local fire departments and call them. They are very friendly and can offer you more detailed information.

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Diana’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

This varies by state and even city so you just google fire department in xyz city. Usually there are lists and tests to take that are offered only at certain times of year (sometimes years apart). If you're willing to relocate you might want to google to see which departments are easier to get into . For example FDNY has tens of thousands of applicants, whereas smaller cities may have less competition. Hope that helps!

Diana recommends the following next steps:

  • Google "how to be a firefighter in _____" (fill in the state or city)
  • Get on the email list of the fire department you want to join so you don't miss when there are openings