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whats a typical day like for you?

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2 answers

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Katya’s Answer

My day usually starts with welcoming my team -always asking them how are they feeling, how was their ride to work and what’s happening home. This gives me a better understanding of how they feel and if I need to do something extra to uplift their spirit as their reflection is th ereflection on our clients and plus our days at work are very long- so it’s important to keep th emotivation going.

Second, we do our morning tasks, I read and review all emails and communications sent to us by our leadership and update my team-this allows them to know what’s important, of any changes-and which information must be related to our clients.

After, eve6r morning we have our morning meeting- we review our client care scores, we celebrate any great sales results and verbatim, any operational excellence that needs attention.at the end of the meeting- I ask for my team commitments and we finish with smiles and great energy before we go out on the field.

My main responsibility is make sure that every client that enters our center is greeted and welcomed. We use iPads to check any clients for their scheduled appointments with specific associates. During the client interactions- I always check in with the associate and client, I observe, listen for client conversations- and then I ask how was the overal experience and always provide my business card to the client so they know that I’m available if in the future they have any questions or concerns,
After, i always like to provide feedback to the associate- recognize them for what they did good and opportunities to adhere going forward.

I always review mid day operations with my assistant manager-we coach associates based on need, end of day- is all about recapping what happened, any success shared, if commitments were achieved and what will they do different tomorrow.
Always thank my team for work done - so they always feel appreciated.

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Shivam’s Answer

My day usually starts with a chat with my teammates. We talk about the work ahead, joke around a little and then get to work.
The first thing in my job as a Consulting engineer is to check mails from customers.
This is followed by prioritizing what needs attention the most.
I get to work with customers from all over the world.
We go on calls throughout the day to troubleshoot network issues and help our customers get their networks back to working state.
Some days are awfully busy while on others, we get some free time to hang out with colleagues and enjoy the day.