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What is the most rewarding aspect of Brickmasonry?

Basically, I want to know exactly what makes it feel so enjoyable and worthwhile. Is it the fact of heavy working? Is it the calculating? Is it being able to move heavy things often?


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Drew’s Answer

Hello Chance,

I worked in construction for most of my college career and I have some experience with brick masonry, concrete, and heavy equipment. First of all it is very hard work and that in itself can be rewarding when you put in a good day of work. Also its rewarding to see a flat piece of dirt turn into a building when a whole crew of people work together to achieve a common goal. People are competitive and there are skill levels that people achieve doing this job. The people that are fast and good at this job are proud of their work and the achievements that out shine others in the profession.

For me personally, when I worked in my friends backyard doing landscaping we build brick walls and then attached stones to the front of the walls it was great to see how nice it looked when we were done. Also, one of the men I worked with on that job was rewarded in strength. He looked like a football player and he could throw 50lb bags of cement around like they were nothing.

Good luck in whatever you pursue!