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I want to be the best brick layer, what does it take?

im gonna lay the best bricks in Rochester watch ill build your house 😎😀🤘
#brickmason #career # #job

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2 answers

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Tom’s Answer

Leesean.....my friend you already have it!!!! Attitude!! If you mean what you wrote in your question, then plow into exactly as Steve is suggesting.....AND if you really want to make the sparks fly....at the type of school Steve suggests.....then announce to your instructors you intend to BE the best and whatever they can suggest to get you there....you are all ears. Well, ears and attitude!!! I have a hunch we'll be reading about your brick laying successes someday! Good luck.

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Steve’s Answer

I would contact your local masonary union. There is one in your town. They have a good apprentice and training program. http://www.baclocal3ny.com/Apprenticeship.php