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What type of education does a Firefighter learn?

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Treasa’s Answer

fire fighter usually requires no more than a high school diploma, but many fire fighters go on to earn degrees in fire science in order to advance in their careers.fire fighters are usually required to earn certification as emergency medical technicians (EMTs)Associate's degrees, bachelor's degrees and certificates in fire science are widely available at vocational colleges and 4-year universities. Many of these programs are administered by fire academies, which are associated with both a school and the local fire department.

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Renee’s Answer

firefighter school

Renee thanks for your answer about Fire Academy! Do you have any suggestions for steps to get into Fire Academy? Jordan Rivera COACH

I worked with several city FD workers as a high school teacher. They describe their programs much like vocational schools. The best thing to do is contact organizations in your area and find out what their programs are like, and what they require for entrance. Andrew LaRusch