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what is a typical day like?

what do you do from clock in to clock out ? #medicine

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3 answers

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Richard’s Answer

Daily life for radiologist
There are multiple subspecialties in Radiology, so each of my partners daily work is quite different. I am an Interventional radiologist. I spend about half my time looking at Medical Imaging ( CT, x-ray, ultrasound, and MRI) to diagnose diseases. The other half of my time is spent performing procedures. We use ultrasound, CT, and x-ray to guide various Tools into different parts of the body to diagnose and treat illness. We can open and close arteries and veins as necessary. We also inject radiation and chemotherapy directly into tumors.

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Saurabh’s Answer

Typical Day at work varies significantly depending on what role you are in. In my role as a Network Support Engineer, the day was filled with a lot of excitement and uncertainty. On light days, you may have very little work to do. On busy days, you will be sorrounded with multiple critical issues needing urgent resolution and you will have to act fast and efficiently. You will have to juggle between phone calls, emails, team meetings, lab recreate, doing research and analysing logs & diagnostics. If you are a senior member in the team, you may also have to get involved in escalation of your team mates or deliver training sessions etc.

But the overall thrill of being in such an environment is amazing. It provides you learning at an accelerated pace like no other place.

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Divya Jyoti’s Answer

Hi There, Loved your question. A network engineer who I am :) fixes internet communication over the world . The day starts with a excitement to fix things help people struggling to connect there near and dear ones . It's exciting and the same time involving 6 hours early morning to mid day .
That is the interval I work for.

Rest of the day you learn and work for new technologies cloud , screens , security , mobile communications and a lot more. If you aspire to be one IP communications and telecom engineer explore and collect more information on Internet service providers and how internet works. It's quite intresting