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how was the transition from job corp like

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Amr’s Answer

Personal advice: take the time to help me help you... write a question i can understand so that i can give you a good answer. I don’t really understand what you’re trying to ask me here. Please be specific

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Stephanie’s Answer

Hi Anderson,

I believe you are asking the question, "How does one make the transition into the professional world?".

For starters, it's not easy! There are many others like you, starting their first jobs or transitioning into the business professional world. "Professional world" can mean different things as well! When starting out, things definitely seem scary and can be nerve-racking and that is OK. Change is meant to be uncomfortable and each day will become easier. Just remember to remain calm and know that what you are experiencing is completely normal. The transition could also be fairly easy for you! It depends on how you look at your situation. It's a very exciting time in your career, so take advantage of that! Be as open as you possibly can.