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What is the typical day of your work like?

Asked El Paso, Texas

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Andrea’s Answer

Updated Alpharetta, Georgia

Hi Daniel,

A typical day in my work life begins with me reading and answering emails. Followed by logging into our training environments to test their performance. If there are issues to report, I communicate it to the manager responsible and/or IT. If there is a issue I may spend several hours working to get it resolved. If there are no issues then I begin my work developing guidance support systems for our retails stores or call centers, depending on which project I am working on. This is inclusive or daily conference calls, face to face meetings and/or working out during my lunch break.

Thanks for asking.


Andrea recommends the following next steps:

  • If this sounded appealing, look into guided support systems.

Anthony’s Answer


Hi Daniel,

A typical day in my life involves balancing time with my family and work. Waking early enough to have time with my fiance, before work. While at work it involves engaging my reps and team leaders who report to me. I review results, coach and develop, bring a ton of positive energy and try to motivate them to be the best they can for the day. Then I ensure I get home at a reasonable time so that I spend enough time with my family and get some time to myself. Work-life balance is very important.