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What skills are required to be a professional painter?

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2 answers

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Nija’s Answer

Hi Faustin,

This is a great question! In order to become a professional painter, you need to possess the following skills listed below:

• Well-versed with different types of available paints and their uses.

• Profound know-how of using sealers and primers to edge on painting jobs.

• Competent in operating painting equipment such as power washers and scrapers.

• Solid background in using wire brushes, sanders, and rollers efficiently.

• Ability to differentiate between the need to use rollers, brushes or spray paints according to the needs of the project.

• Creative skills aimed at using texturing tools to make designs and textures on walls and roofs.

• Deep understanding of using different types of paints and tools for interior and exterior of houses.

• Physical dexterity targeted at handling painting work that requires strength and agility such as climbing ladders and the excellent sense of balance.

• Exceptional attention to detail aimed at ensuring that just the right amount of paint is used and no uneven finishes are visible.

• Customer service: able to make sure that customers are adequately satisfied by providing them with exactly what they are looking for.

• Excellent communication skills aimed at understanding project needs and ensuring they are met.

• Ability to handle both the planning and prep work phases in a time-efficient manner.

• Familiar with popular painting trends and competition to provide the same type of services.

• Capable of handling painting jobs with self-direction and self-management.

• Mathematical acumen aimed at calculating paint job estimates for customers.

I am recommending that you review the following websites to obtain further information about being a Painter:


2) https://m.snagajob.com/job-descriptions/painter/

3) https://www.construct-ed.com/job-description/painter/

4) https://www.truity.com/career-profile/painter


Nija recommends the following next steps:

Network with other professional painters.
Obtain an apprenticeship
Practice, Practice and Practice your craft.

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Bill’s Answer


I believe the attributes best identifying a professional painter include the following:

Passion for profession
Attention to detail
Care for property
Aptitude for color comparison
Driven to complete in a timely manner
Respect for Owners space

Best of luck in your pursuit.