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How do you manage your work with other activities like having a family

Asked Pflugerville, Texas

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Barry’s Answer

Updated Cedarhurst, New York

Hi Kaitlyn -

That is a very good question and also something that many people in the professional world struggle with. I personally found that as you progress through life you should try and surround yourself with others who are doing the same. Sometimes this happens organically and sometimes it is something you need to work on. In my personal experience that meant having a real conversation with my spouse regarding my professional responsibilities and how they may at times dictate my schedule. We also have three wonderful children together and I try as hard as I can not to work over the weekends, as , that has become family time. It is very important, that on top of family time, you also set aside "me time" for unwinding and doing something meaningful to you, a hobby is a good example. I find that if you are able to care for yourself it becomes a lot easier to maintain a successful work life balance.

I hope this was helpful!

Barry recommends the following next steps:

  • Think of something that you can do for a few minutes everyday that can help you get into a good frame of mind. For me, this is sitting down somewhere quiet, popping in my headphones and closing my eyes for a few minutes.

Austin’s Answer

Updated Tampa, Florida

Hi Kaitlyn,

This is a great question and from our experience, understanding how to balance family life with work will make both life and work much better!

See our tips from our personal experiences below:

  • Set boundaries- separate work environment from home environment. Ensure that your home doesn't become a place where you're constantly working and always associating your home with work. Ensure your home is a home!
  • Acknowledge everyone is striving to balance the two, so be respectful and don't make assumptions about other people's schedules.
  • Pick a company that cares about balancing the two. Many companies say they value flexibility, but might not actually. Make sure to talk to the entry level employees and see what they say.
  • Hold yourself accountable and make it priority. It is easy to acquiesce to work demands and your bosses, but be firm with areas that you think your personal life trumps work life. Ultimately, don't be afraid to communicate what's important to you!
I thankfully have a very flexible work schedule. I can work early late and carve out family time when needed 4;30 - 8:00 every day.