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I want to know about job category

I want to become clinical psychologist.... What is the job categry for this #clinical-psychology

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2 answers

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Tyler’s Answer

The job criteria for this field involves you taking psychology courses as well as biology courses ( this includes : chemistry , organic , & cell biology ). If your school offer nerve ( which is a program for the purpose of obtaining research, didactic, professional, and mentoring experiences that will prepare you for admission into doctoral programs in Neuroscience). Being involved with this make this the best organization to keep you on track with being a clinical psychologist.

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Milagros’s Answer

Hi! You can do a Bachelors in Psychology and then a master in Clinical Psychology, but it also depends on the country you study. In the Dominican Republic for example, you can study a Bachelors in Clinical Psychology.
Try this website to find anything you want to know about a job in the USA: https://www.onetonline.org/link/details/19-3031.02