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English Teachers, do you enjoy your job? I'm in love with writing and the topic of English, and I also enjoy teaching tredmendously. Do you think it's a worthwhile goal to become an English Teacher?

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2 answers

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Antoinette’s Answer

I taught high school English for ten years, and I loved it most days. You have to be confident in your pedagogy and content so that you can help students appreciate all the things that come with English classes. You have to have the love so that you can help students find what works for them and can also meet the requirements that y'all have to achieve in the classroom together. To be a teacher, you have to want to help kids succeed in life, not just the classroom.

Antoinette recommends the following next steps:

I would suggest that you volunteer in some English classrooms, look at the TEKS for each level, and the school and district curriculum where you are and where you want to teach.

Thank you for the reply. I found the information very helpful! Gabriel R.

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Dwight’s Answer

English is the foundation for doing well in pretty much all of the academic subjects. Good reading, writing, speaking and listening skills equip students to be able to follow and study for other subjects and not miss details. Keep in mind that some students won't share your passion, but when you show the masses how what you are teaching them has practical value in so many other areas most kids buy in.