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what are some other career that doesn't involve college?

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Michelle’s Answer


Hello, Maddison R. ! I was so glad to see your question as you are probably on a good path to thinking about your future. What are some careers that do not require getting a college degree ?

First, I would like to mention that it is not so much about going to college as much as it is facing the inevitable competition that happens when you are seeking a job. Some people with college backgrounds also obtain jobs which do not require a degree. It would be a good idea to read various employment notices to be aware of the expectations that today's employers expect.

The first field of work that comes to mind is the social services field. There are some positions that are considered entry level. Your responsibilities may be limited, however, based on the experience you bring to the job. The second one is Sales. With Sales, it is sometimes based on the company training you for the particular sales job and this would include retail sales.

Another possible career that doesn't usually require a degree is Customer Service. It would require sharpened people and communication skills. Also food service is work that usually does not require college experience. Decades ago, factory work was a primary source for non-degreed employment. There are very few factories left in the U.S. today, however.

Just keep in mind that seeking employment today is very competitive and someone who has a degree may or may not be the priority with some employers. Some employers would prefer a non-degreed staff person so that they can offer a lower salary. Many employers prefer degreed workers due to the skills picked up in disciplined study. Everything depends and it is difficult to predict. Each particular job is different.

Whether or not you attend college or you do or do not strive for a college degree will have to be your decision only and not based on predicting the future. Many people have succeeded with college, however, you must keep up with business trends to familiarize yourself with what fields of work will have the most jobs. Here is a website that may be helpful with information about the fastest growing jobs :


I wish you all the best in your future plans. It is exciting and one opportunity after the other.

Michelle recommends the following next steps:

  • Read a variety of employment notices. The descriptions will allow you to know what employers expect.
  • https://www.bumc.bu.edu/gms/files/2012/02/Top-30-fastest.pdf

Kim’s Answer


Many positions will require some sort of certification, but not as much schooling as a degree, and often pay more than degreed positions! These include the skilled trades: painter, carpenter, electrician, plumber, mason, maintenance mechanic, automotive or diesel mechanic. Law enforcement is requiring at least some college. I'm not sure about firefighter, paramedic, emt.

There are some decent paying jobs in the Production industry (such as assembling cars), as well as in warehousing/logistics, cdl truck driver, etc.

Another area to look at is medical, where you may be able to get a certification or 2 yr degree for medical assistant, xray tech, veterinary tech, pharmacy assistant, etc.

Customer service is a very broad field, encompassing much more than retail, food service, and call centers. It is a catch-all category that everyone seems to resort to using to classify their positions. Some are much better paying than others. For example, if a person is in the business of providing customer service to another business, as opposed to regular individuals, it tends to pay more. Think about a company that provides businesses with paper supplies, photocopiers, etc.

You could also consider joining the military to learn a trade, or acquire money for schooling.

Erin Baudo’s Answer


Hi Maddison,

Tech Sales is something you could consider. Tech companies all over the world provide people with opportunities to do an internship. An internship is a great way to understand how tech organisations operate. Sales is something that you do not need a degree for. Generally speaking, good people skills and a driven attitude will allow you to be successful in sales. Society is so reliant on technology these days so a career with a tech company could lead to a very successful career for you.