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What medical position do you think would suit me best?

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Hi my name is Mathew, I like to help people and i have always wanted to be a doctor. Now that the opportunity has presented itself i am not sure what type of doctor i would like to be. I don't mind working with children and or elderly, i just want to have the power to heal people. As someone young and inexperienced i need advice and guidance on what i can expect from a career as a doctor. What are some steps you recommend i take so that i may achieve my goals and dream of being a doctor? What are the pros and cons of being a doctor? Where do i start? How much can i expect to spend on school? #doctor #doctor

Thank you for taking the time to read this
~sincerely Mathew

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Elsie’s Answer


During your medical program, you will get a chance for rotations where you train in each area of medicine. Its gives you first hand experience to select what part of medicine really resonates with you. Some people like the fast pace of ER medicine while some like the slower pace of working with kids. Surgery is the longest specialty, its a 5 year residency program and as expected they make the most money.

Family Medicine is one specialty where you practice all areas of medicine. You will not however be a specialist in any of the fields. You'll refer most cases to the specialist doctors.