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How do people advance in this field of work?

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2 answers

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Isaac 💻🎥’s Answer

In any line of work advancing is based on your experience, performance reviews and sometimes networking ability, you mentioned carpentry in your post, there are certifications that would increase the chance of promotion including OSHA, always be open to learning new effective techniques in carpentry and success

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Mr.’s Answer

Johnathan M,

People advance in this field of work the same way they do in most other fields dealing with hands on work by being punctual, reliable, creative and dexterous. Patience is what the big bosses look at someone who is patient but not lazy nor slow. If you feel like you can't wait you can always start your own business in the near future working out a shop or garage. Also you can do freelance and contract work based on your experience, skills and knowledge. Every good thing require patience, hope and love and you will see growth in due time. I wish you the best on your journey.