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lauryn S. Aug 15, 2016 508 views

When athletes and coaches in the sports entertainment industry travel for games, are they given time to explore the location they are playing at or are they only able to attend the game?

I watch a lot of sports and notice that games are hosted all over the world, but I was not sure if the athletes are able to visit the place their games are at, or simply attend practices and games and stay in their hotel room. #athlete #sport #sports...


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Raheem D. Feb 10, 2017 382 views

if i played baseball for a school, what equipment will i have to buy for the games and how much will it cost

some schools provides the players with equipment for the games but i have also heard that you will have to buy the gloves and the bats and some times other equipment, is this true....and if so can you tell me what it is i need to buy and how much it will cost #baseball #sport...


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michael H. May 15, 2020 335 views
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A R. Jul 21, 2020 143 views

Becoming a footballer, is it a challenging process?

I was dreaming to become a footballer since I was young, Is there any relevant between education and footballer? #sports #footballer #physical...