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lauryn S. Aug 15, 2016 493 views

When athletes and coaches in the sports entertainment industry travel for games, are they given time to explore the location they are playing at or are they only able to attend the game?

I watch a lot of sports and notice that games are hosted all over the world, but I was not sure if the athletes are able to visit the place their games are at, or simply attend practices and games and stay in their hotel room. #athlete #sport #sports...


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lauryn S. Aug 15, 2016 415 views

Is it hard for professional actors/actress to hear harsh criticism from people who still support them by watching them act?

Whenever I watch a movie with friends which I do often, they tend to judge the actors fort the way they perform on social media's and tag the actors they are talking about to seem cool. For actors reading or hearing about these comments, I wondered if they took it personal or it is just...


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lauryn S. Aug 14, 2016 448 views

How hard is it to work on holidays since that is when the demand for entertainment and people in the entertainment industry is so high?

I enjoy playing basketball and would possibly consider playing college basketball. During Christmas and Thanksgivings there is always sports on the TV and that is usually what families like to do when together, so I wanted to know if it is hard for athletes to be away from their families during...