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Raheem Feb 10, 2017 712 views

will i need a permit if i was to decide to do a little street art

if i was a street artist would i need a permit.....if so, can anybody tell me how do i get one

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Raheem Feb 10, 2017 924 views

what classes will i have to take in high school if i was to look for a successful career that deals with art and sketching faces and different things like that

before its too late i was wondering if i had to take any important classes to find a career that helps me to become a professional artist #artist #professional-training

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Raheem Feb 10, 2017 803 views

if i played baseball for a school, what equipment will i have to buy for the games and how much will it cost

some schools provides the players with equipment for the games but i have also heard that you will have to buy the gloves and the bats and some times other equipment, is this true....and if so can you tell me what it is i need to buy and how much it will cost #baseball #sport #equipment

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Raheem Feb 10, 2017 1038 views

if i was to play baseball but had barely any knowledge about it will i still be able to play if i was planning to learn?

I played baseball in the back yards of my friends house and i thought i was getting good but i don't have barely any professional knowledge about it of any sort. but i want to know about it and possibly make it a career for me #sports #sports-management #baseball #athletics #sports

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Raheem Feb 10, 2017 994 views

what is a career that falls in the topic of drawing cartoons or animated characters

i'm interested in drawing cartoon or atleast animations and i was wondering is there a career for that and what is the name of them...THANK YOU #artist #arts-and-crafts #game-art

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Raheem Feb 09, 2017 1529 views

How much does a truck driver make

If I was to be a truck driver how much would my most salary be #training-delivery #financial-planning