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Raheem D. Feb 10, 2017 460 views

what is a career that falls in the topic of drawing cartoons or animated characters

i'm interested in drawing cartoon or atleast animations and i was wondering is there a career for that and what is the name of them...THANK YOU #artist #arts-and-crafts...


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Kyle H. May 07, 2016 1124 views

The Steps of character development?

HI! I am currently working on developing characters for a game I am trying to create, but I'm having difficulty finalizing designs because there are always a few things off about the character during play testing.What steps should i take during the art development stages in order to prevent...


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Curtis L. May 11, 2015 952 views

How do you know if going to college to design video games is worth it?

I have attended college for 3 years, but left without graduating the full 4 years. I was looking into continuing my education in game design but there are no good schools in Wisconsin where I live. Is it worth the struggle I am having? #college #graphic-design #video-games #video #digital-art...


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Jesus L. Feb 25, 2015 1301 views

Is it possible to learn how to draw electronically to become a graphic designer?

I'm a sophomore in high school and I am not really good at drawing. I always admired the people who could draw really cool things either on paper or on the computer. I am going to take art classes to maybe learn how to draw, but Is it possible for me to be able to be a graphic designer without...

#computer-art #graphic-designer #digital-art #graphic-design #web-design #artists #game-art

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Victor V. Dec 03, 2014 1304 views

I want to be an anime artist, make comic books, tv show and video games but I dont where to start or what college to go to.

I'm in 11 grade and I'n hoping to work for Funimation when I finish school. I draw my own anime characters and also write story line for them. I am a naturally born artist, I enjoy drawing and teaching my self new techniques daily. #art #comics #anime...