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what classes will i have to take in high school if i was to look for a successful career that deals with art and sketching faces and different things like that


before its too late i was wondering if i had to take any important classes to find a career that helps me to become a professional artist #artist #professional-training

4 answers

Carole’s Answer

Updated Rancho Palos Verdes, California

This is an interesting question in that it can take in a wide selection of many classes. It is important to know that when you study Art it is a widespread subject and one that can give you skills for which can lead you to a good career. Here are some suggestions: 1. Classes to possible take for an Art Major are: Ceramics, drawing, drafting, along with Math; Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, and Trigonometry. Also, if you were thinking of Computer graphics then that might be a choice to learn the graphics area on the computer. 2. The learning skills that you will get from taking some of these classes are: Project Development & Hands on development (Painting and Clay work, paper projects, glass staining and ceramics and Metal art work. You can also receive a lot of Pride from exhibitions or art displays within the High School events or local events, and if good enough can receive ribbons, or medals or certifications. These particular awards can be stated on your resume or application for college. 4. The benefits for taking Art Class are many: The learning of concentration; Attention to detail, Improvement of hand/eye coordination, Creativity, and Thinking outside the box, and Follow thru on a project to the end. Problem solving and social skills will be upgraded for you and good experience to carry you into a career. 5. If you do take this advice I would like to add another suggestion; that being keep a portfolio of the projects that you have done. In other words take pictures of your art exhibits and projects so that you have evidence to bring with you either for a job or for your counselor at school. If you decide on graphic arts print out your graphics to also put in your portfolio. You will have something to show for what you have done, and others may not have put together a portfolio. This will make you look better than the rest especially if the art is good.

I hope this helps but when you get to college please make sure that you get a counselor that is aware of your Artistic skills and helps you to make the right choices for your major.

thank you for the information

Vicki’s Answer

Updated Rising Sun, Maryland

Any art class, computer graphics course, or humanities course will help prepare you to be an art major. Ask a teacher to help you prepare a portfolio and how to get connected with local artist communities.

Patricia’s Answer

Hi - Thank you for your message and career plans. I would recommend you go to your Main Library - Reference Desk and ask for the "Career Occupational Guide". The Librarian would assist you in identify the types of course you may need to take as well as a High School that offers Art classes. Good Luck

Frida’s Answer

Updated Mountain View, California

My advice is to contact Google or Facebook or Khan academy directly. Tell them your strengths and show them a portfolio of your work and see if they can offer you an internship.

Other than that keep art as an hobby and keep on creating art for yourself and maybe one day you can make it as an professional artist. It's very difficult to make it.

Please keep on pursuing your passion on the side. Take some evening classes and read art history. Learn techniques and then become a teacher or something and then add art !

thank you for this information