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Life Transitions/Career Coach Vicki Tillman Coaching; Licensed Professional Counselor Pike Creek Psychological
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Community and Social Service Occupations
Rising Sun, Maryland
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Mireia’s Avatar
Mireia Dec 12, 2017 727 views

What are some innovative ways to keep a class engaged?

I volunteer at church school as a teacher aid and we've integrated material into games, activities, discussions, and crafts. Would really appreciate some other creative ideas to keep learning fun and interesting. #education #educator #teacher #teaching #being-an-elementary-teacher #learning

Syed Altamash Hasan ’s Avatar
Syed Altamash Hasan Aug 27, 2017 1082 views

I have a deep passion for badminton and i have played it at club level but i want to take it to the international level, what do i have to do, to take it to that level ?

I asking this question cause i want to have a career in badminton. #badminton #sports #professional-training #professional-sports

Shyheim ’s Avatar
Shyheim Feb 21, 2017 1202 views

How many years do you have to go to school to be a sports trainer?

This is my back-up plan in case modeling don't work out. #sports #training #entrepreneurship #college-advice #professional-training

Quynh Chau’s Avatar
Quynh Chau Oct 09, 2017 1242 views

How did you prepare for Pharmacy schools, especially for the PCAT test?

I am a Chemistry major student and am interested in Pharmacy schools. I would like to find out which courses you take for pre-pharmacy and how you have prepared for the PCAT.

#PCAT #pharmacist #pharmacy #graduate-school #professional-training #pharmacists

Alexis ’s Avatar
Alexis Mar 08, 2017 1523 views

What does it take to become a professional soccer player?

I been playing soccer since I was little.I love the sport and I'm good. I still know I need improvement to make it to the top . #sports #soccer #coaching #training #professional-training #fitness-training #competitive-soccer

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina May 05, 2017 2621 views

In a medical profession, is it okay to cry in front of your patients and their families?

I'm hoping to become a neonatal nurse someday. I am not especially emotional, but I know that if a baby didn't make it, I might not be able to contain my emotions. So, my question is, is it okay to show your emotions in front of patients and their families? Is it good to do so, to show the...

Raheem ’s Avatar
Raheem Feb 10, 2017 916 views

what classes will i have to take in high school if i was to look for a successful career that deals with art and sketching faces and different things like that

before its too late i was wondering if i had to take any important classes to find a career that helps me to become a professional artist #artist #professional-training

samson’s Avatar
samson Feb 11, 2017 1187 views

do i really need this?

i am taking a course and it is a core course, but the professor is boring and the course really look difficult because of its ambiguity and complex mathematical. personally, for my chosen career, i don't see how this course is going to help me, but i need to pass the course to graduate. how can...