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How did you prepare for Pharmacy schools, especially for the PCAT test?

I am a Chemistry major student and am interested in Pharmacy schools. I would like to find out which courses you take for pre-pharmacy and how you have prepared for the PCAT.

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4 answers

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Carole’s Answer

Preparing for the PCAT is similar to the preparation of the SAT, except that it is one level above the SAT and more focus on sciences and math. It is now a computer based test instead of paper based. Here are the six areas for the breakdown of the exam:
1. Writing Portion ( 30Min) Tests ability to problem solve
2. Verbal Ability (25 Min.)
analogies and sentence completion
3. Biology (35 min) General Biology/Microbiology and Anatomy
4. Chemistry 35 min) General Chemistry/ Organic Chemistry Basic Biochemistry
5. Reading Comorehension (50 min) Comprehension/Analysis/ Probability and Pre calculus
6. Quantitative Ability (45 min) Basic Math/Algebra/ Statistics

the PCAT official website has practice exams and study guides to purchase, but are a little expensive. From checking areas out I feel that the most useful for preparation was to do many practice problems as possible from prep books, because they include explanations on why a specific answer was the best one. Kaplan PCAT Pre Book is suggested ( it is on amazon). It gives information on strategies,, review of all topics covered in the PCAT and practice exams. Give yourself 4-5 months to prepare for the exam, scheduling 30-60 per day to study out of this book.

Other suggestions:
1. Many pharmacy programs require students to dress professionally every day as a way to prepare for the real world.
2. Being involved as an intern or volunteer in your community or hospital pharmacy is a great way to determine whether you really want to become a pharmacist. shadowing or working alongside a pharmacist is the best way to know if this is the right profession
3. Being a leader in pharmacy school in one of the organizations will give you more knowledge about pharmacy profession . this will also help with communication skills with your peers, mentors, professors and advisors. These are the people you will consult most with when you need advice or help with classes or other issues.
4. In Pharmacy school you will have to attend at least 1 professional meeting where you will use your networking skill to discover opportunities outside of school.

Pharmacy school is challenging, but keeping yourself healthy with the proper food and diet, and proper sleep will be helpful to your success.

I wish you the best and hope you received some ideas to help you through.

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Abdul Vaajid’s Answer

Hello, Chau

1. Pre-requisites courses for pharmacy school differ with each school but I would select your top 10 picks for pharmacy school you would like to apply, look up their pre-requisite courses and make sure you are fulfilling their requirements.
2. I would recommend you complete your bachelors in chemistry even tho most pharmacy schools don't require bachelors degree for application.
3. Preparing for PCAT with require you to practice couple of books such as Kaplan, Barrons and Princeton review. Those were the books I used to prepare for PCAT. I focused chemistry, math and physics during my preparation.
4. Also get some volunteering under your belt before applying for pharmacy school. They like a candidate that has some leadership and communication skills. So do work on your extracurricular activities to make your application stand out.
5. When you preform an extracurricular activities or work experience or volunteer work make sure to write your experience down in a notebook in detail so you can build your resume.

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Vicki’s Answer

Mr. Rhemani's answer covers it expertly!

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Patricia’s Answer

Thank you for your message and interest I identifying courses for Pharmacy School.
First I would recommend you meet with your High School Career Counselor and discuss your interests and potential courses you might consider for Pharmacy Schools. Second - if there are any Pharmacy Schools in your area you might meet with an Admissions Representative to discuss your interest and courses available. I hope this helps. Good Luck! Patricia Dorch