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What are some innovative ways to keep a class engaged?

Asked Houston, Texas

I volunteer at church school as a teacher aid and we've integrated material into games, activities, discussions, and crafts. Would really appreciate some other creative ideas to keep learning fun and interesting. #education #educator #teacher #teaching #being-an-elementary-teacher #learning

2 answers

Jessalyn’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas
Being culturally responsive to your students, whether in church or in a classroom, is vital! My students loved sports and hip-hop music. My math lessons used examples from basketball and football and concerts. When my students had good days, then they picked the music to listen to! Most importantly, showing them that I cared about their culture meant a lot to them. More students will succeed if their teacher will integrate their culture into the classroom.

Vicki’s Answer

Updated Rising Sun, Maryland
Don't forget music and art. These may be integrated into many core subjects and help enrich the learning experience.
Thank you so much for your insight!