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I have a deep passion for badminton and i have played it at club level but i want to take it to the international level, what do i have to do, to take it to that level ?

Updated Darbhanga, Bihar, India

I asking this question cause i want to have a career in badminton. #badminton #sports #professional-training #professional-sports

3 answers

Patricia’s Answer

Thank you for your message regarding Badminton on an International Level. First, do a Google search for your question and identify sources and information. Google: How Can I play Badminton on an International Level"? Second, identify top international Badminton players and seek advice from them they usually a "Contact Us" on their websites. Third, if you have a Badminton Coach - share your interest in playing international and ask for advice - they might have some recommendations or can connect you with someone on the international level. Always remember to say thank you for anyone who assists you with advice - it goes a long way. Good Luck! Patricia Dorch

Carole’s Answer

Updated Rancho Palos Verdes, California
To become a renowned and international badminton player is not a simple task. You have to work very hard to achieve it. 1. Start by winning local competitions and then state competitions. 2. If this is your dream find some really good training center, enroll or find a really good coach that can help you with what you might need to get to the international area. Try and find a coach that know the steps to climb and that will get you to the right steps for international events. 3. Someone like a coach has to teach you basic building blocks and the rest is your strength and dedication. 4. The need of a highly professional trainer cannot be overemphasized. If you want to be a world class player you might want to move you might want to move to a city that where you have resources to make you one. I have read that Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy in Bangalore is a brilliant Institute and this might be an option. The one suggestion especially if you are in USA Write to US Olympic Training Center, One Olympic Plaza Colorado Springs CO 80909. Go on line and check this out. they would probably have the most information about this subject or tell you where you can find it. International and world class level is the highest level of play and it requires a huge amount of commitment and devotion to the sport. Generally players are selected by the nation's badminton association and these players go through intense training programs to improve their fitness. Selection to the national team is subject to the sponsorship you have, and sponsorship in turn is subject to your past record. Please do some extensive research on this subject, and talk with some coaches and others before you decide to pursue this career. I wish you the best in your future career choices..

Vicki’s Answer

Updated Rising Sun, Maryland
Syed, It is wise to make connections with people at the club and international level. Send them an email and ask them questions about how to bring your game to the next level.