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samson O. Mar 05, 2017 703 views

how to combine relationship and school

i am a student about to graduate but i have a girlfriend and it been difficult combining relationship with school. how do i go about it? #teacher #educator #research...


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samson O. Feb 22, 2017 612 views

data analyst

so i am planning to be a data analyst after my graduation from computer engineering from the university. i am curios on what i need to do to fulfil this career dream, do i need more studies after my graduation or what path should i embark on after my studies? #engineering #graduate-school...

#academic-advisor #academic-advising

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samson O. Feb 11, 2017 679 views

do i really need this?

i am taking a course and it is a core course, but the professor is boring and the course really look difficult because of its ambiguity and complex mathematical. personally, for my chosen career, i don't see how this course is going to help me, but i need to pass the course to graduate. how can...

#mathematician #career-counseling #teacher-training #professional-training #instructors

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samson O. Feb 06, 2017 579 views

Noisy students

I was in a class and the professor is a little bit boring so the lecture was. There was this guy sitting behind me, he was making all kind of disturbing noise. I manage to pay atte thin through the class. In another situation or if such situation repeats itself how do I go about it. Cos u want...

#academic-advising #professional-training #teaching

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samson O. Feb 04, 2017 667 views

how should i prepare for a midterm

i have been having some issues with my midterm preparation. how should i go about it in general? #teaching #studies #academic-advising...


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samson O. Feb 01, 2017 476 views

Understanding the course

So I was in a class and this professor was teaching about optical fibres, these was something I once did in my undergraduate days, but I didn't pay attention to it. I am totally blank on what he is teaching. How do I go about understanding and passing the course? #doctor #teacher...

#educators #masters-degree #child-development

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samson O. Jan 31, 2017 688 views


when i was a teen, i wanted to study civil engineering, but i was not too good in mathematic but i was good at biology, i managed to pass my physic in high school and ad did very well in biology later settle for physics with electronics. i would like to know if i should gave chosen a careen in...

#career-counseling #information-technology #child-development #human-resources #civil-engineering #physicist #higher-education #teacher