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Understanding the course

So I was in a class and this professor was teaching about optical fibres, these was something I once did in my undergraduate days, but I didn't pay attention to it. I am totally blank on what he is teaching. How do I go about understanding and passing the course? #doctor #teacher #masters-degree #educators #child-development

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2 answers

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Stephanie’s Answer

I would recommend several steps:

1) Google the topic online and get a basic understanding of it through wikipedia, research papers on the topic from other students & grad students, etc.

2) See if you can find any example problems with answer guides from other universities, online students, etc so you can grasp the concept with outside of the classroom practice.

3) Visit your professor's office hours and come prepared with a few questions. Pick a few concepts you are most confused about and ask the professor to walk you through the concepts and how you'd solve a problem or analyze a case study based on the concept.

4) Look on Linked In to see if you can find someone in the industry who lives near you. Ask if you can grab a cup of coffee with them to learn more about their job and how the concepts are applied in the real world. Understanding real world applications of STEM concepts can help when applying it to your tests, case studies, papers, etc in college.

5) Form a study group with your peers! Chances are you aren't the only one who's lost... can you find someone else in your class to study with and help each other practice the concepts?

Good luck!

yea i think i can find someone. thanks, i appreciate your answer. samson O.

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Gururaj’s Answer

I believe there are good books on understanding fibre optics. One of the good book that I have heard is from Jeff Hecht’s . You could check that in amazon https://www.amazon.in/Understanding-Fiber-Optics-Jeff-Hecht/dp/0131174290