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if i was to play baseball but had barely any knowledge about it will i still be able to play if i was planning to learn?


I played baseball in the back yards of my friends house and i thought i was getting good but i don't have barely any professional knowledge about it of any sort. but i want to know about it and possibly make it a career for me #sports #sports-management #baseball #athletics #sports

2 answers

Kim’s Answer

Updated Bristol, Connecticut

To become a professional baseball player or to play in college, you have to have a high level of experience at a younger age.  This sets you up for recruitment and scholarship opportunities.  There have been players who have walked on at the collegiate level, but this is very rare.  It is a very competitive profession.  If you have a strong desire and passion to be involved in the sport of baseball there are other avenues to take besides playing the game.  Sports Management majors get a well rounded background and experiences in many industries.  You will need to study hard and learn as much as you can.  But it can be very fun and gratifying to be involved in a sport you love.   Good luck!

Tina’s Answer

Updated Herndon, Virginia
Depending on whether or not you have access to training programs and coaching, you can also learn a lot of technique off of the internet. YouTube has a lot of step by step videos on how to execute on certain skills. It's definitely not the answer but it is definitely a resource to get you started. The more you play though the better you can get. Good luck!
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