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What career involves both medicine and technology?

I am in love with the idea of being in the medical field and that involves technology. But I need help finding careers with both. #medicine #technology

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3 answers

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Grant’s Answer


I like Debbie's advice (volunteer at hospital). As I work in Tech Industry, my recommendation will be thinking about which direction you want to go within Technology field...

Software related -> medical research / treatment / operation will require some application, to make it simple these applications are just like app on our mobile phone, they work / function because a group of software engineer did the programming (writing software codes). To develop a good app, the engineer need to understand their user and in this case user is the people work in hospital

Hardware related -> hospital will need professional tool to perform their work, like diagnostic equipment (X ray or CT machine), sutures, hypodermic needle... and the design/development/production of these tool rely heavily on technology .

Career combining both domain (medical x technology) is full of opportunities, so the above points are just some example. Encourage you to ask more people and you will have more idea and info.

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Richard’s Answer

Part of training to become a radiologist involves studying the physics of medical imaging. Also as an interventional radiologist I am constantly introduced to new medical devices that allow for improved ability to successfully perform image guided procedures.

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Debbie’s Answer

Great question - I am a nurse who is interested in robots for senior citizens. There are lots of routes to go in these fields. Here are a few: health informatics, biomedical engineering, or any health care professional and see where it goes.



Debbie recommends the following next steps:

Volunteer at a hospital in the informatics or biomedical engineering departments.