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what are my job options while in high school?

Asked San Francisco, California

To see what interest me and pursue more in that job. #help #advanced-css

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Johanna’s Answer

Updated San Jose, California

Hi Leo - When I was in high school, I got a retail job that allowed me to work on one weekend day and a few hours after school on a few days. It was helpful for me because it gave me extra money, but I did also have to keep my eye on my school work and make sure I still had time to get it done. In the end, although I do nothing remotely close to retail work now, it still gave me valuable experience learning how businesses work, practicing math (calculating change), interacting with customers, prioritizing my school work, and meeting other adults who would later become references for future jobs. I recommend asking around local businesses if you'd like something like that. You might also check in with a local library to see if they need administrative help. Just keep in mind that you may need to get a valid work permit if you're younger than 18. If none of that works out, you could also consider babysitting or dogwalking for your neighbors. Even if the job you get isn't something you actually think you'd like to do in the future, it can still be a valuable experience. Good luck!

Ursula’s Answer

Updated Woodbridge, Virginia

I know that in high school a lot of students work in fast food. I did a lot of babysitting and actually made some pretty good money on that. If you enjoy dog walking and you develop a reputation for taking good care of the dogs in your charge and you're reliable there are a lot of people who are looking for someone. My sister was extremely talented and would knit one of a kind sweaters which earned her a tidy sum. Watch the job boards at school, the library, and community center, be willing to do those extra chores your neighbors are willing to hire you for. You never know when someone might call you out of the blue for a job because someone you worked for put in a good word for you for your dream job because they thought you were hardworking, reliable, and willing to do your best.

thanks y'all
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