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How to join biological research?

I'm going to be a college freshman next year, and I was wondering how I could go about joining a research team- particularly in Bioinformatics, my chosen major. Do I need to take certain classes? Can I just go up to a professor doing something awesome and ask them? #college #research #bioinformatics

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3 answers

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Ursula’s Answer

I would suggest getting familiar with those in the science department and keep an eye on internships posted for these departments. That is a good source of getting into research. You may have to prove yourself by completing an internship or two before getting the exact one you want.

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Suzanne’s Answer

Do a bit of background reading on the profs you think are doing cool work. Set up a time to talk to the profs about what they are doing and to ask if they have room for undergrads in their lab. Talk to more than one and then talk to the people who work in their labs. They will give you great information on what the Prof and research are really like. Do your homework not just on the research but the lab environment. Don't get discouraged if you don't start on a great project right away. You may do low level work for the first year or so. You have to earn your keel and prove you are dedicated and interested. Good luck

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Wael’s Answer

First, I love your enthusiasm. Keep it up! Regarding the research, professors don't take freshmen to help out with research usually; however, for every rule there are exceptions. You need to check professors research. Whenever you like something go talk to that particular professor and ask him/her for an opportunity to join the research.

Good luck.

thank you for the advice! Hopefully I can be an exception :) Anina H.

Be prepared to answer question like, what do you think you could add to this research? ... Just be confident and energetic ... You are going to be fine :) Wael Al-Rihawi