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What related fields do you think I should consider?

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I am a student currently enrolled in Office Administration classes. #student

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Lexi’s Answer


Hi Lorena, I think it's awesome to consider what other fields you should consider. I started out as an office manager for a small business, and then started to learn more about each aspect of our business - marketing, HR, how to recruit, interview and hire people, how to manage a team, the finance side of the business and more! From that experience, I'd consider being open to working in operations, HR (this is a great way to learn about people and business management), marketing and customer service to start. One of the most helpful things from my early career is that I was able to learn SO much about the business I worked for by interning and working alongside the office manager, sales teams and finding an awesome mentor.

Lexi recommends the following next steps:

  • Pursue internships with companies that really interest you have a great reputation
  • Consider interning or working for a small business or non-profit so that you can learn about all aspects of the business (easier in a small company where you can work across teams)
  • Find a mentor who is in operations management, HR or administration and stay connected as you pursue your career - my original mentor is still championing me after 15 years!
  • I recommend the book "Clients for Life" by Andrew Sobel and Jagdish Sheth