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what should i know if i might want to be a teacher?

I'm a very organized and task-oriented person. I want a career that will be fulfilling but also doesn't take away from my personal life. I feel like I would make a good teacher but I struggle with math. Sitting at a desk all day in an office doesn't sound appealing to me at all. not sure what path I want to take.
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2 answers

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Andrew’s Answer

Hi Maggie,

Here are some suggestions..

1. Shadow an in-service teacher.

2. Answer these questions...
- Are you interested in the business of building better people?
- Are you interested in working in groups and teams?
- Are you interested in working in a potential job that can be political?
- Are you willing to always learn?
- Are you interested in working with children?

Hope you find what you are looking for!


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Kim’s Answer


If you are saying, " I don't want to sit at a desk all day, and don't know what else is out there, so, I think I will try teaching" . . . please take some more time to see what else is out there that doesn't require desk work.

I am not a teacher. I have a friend who is. She said 10-12 hour days are pretty much the norm (closer to 12!). And that summer "vacation" is often spent preparing for the next year or taking continuing education training classes. That would cut into your work-life balance.

Teaching, as a calling, is great. Someone needs to get the next generation up and running! And I imagine there is a lot of personal sense of accomplishment when you see your students master something they've been struggling with. You really do make a difference in their lives! And, 40 years after graduating HS, I still remember many of my teachers, all the way back to elementary school!

But please remember there are other aspects of the job that people don't talk about. There are many administrative duties, record-keeping, all kinds of meetings, special projects, Parent meetings, etc. As a job placement counselor, I once worked with a guy who had gone straight from high school, to college, and got his master's degree in teaching HS math. Two months after starting his first job, he decided it wasn't for him.

I encourage you to continue exploring both what you like and don't like, and other jobs out there. Strange as it might sound, one of the reasons I went into law enforcement was because it would not require me to deal with picking out a work wardrobe! You may also want to consider a short military commitment. Or perhaps going into skilled trades - electrician, carpenter, mechanic, etc. Or healthcare : nursing, radiology technician, physical therapy, etc- although some of these positions are 12-hour shifts.

Hopefully this has helped a little!


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