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What is a tyipical day like in your job?

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Jeffrey’s Answer

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I'm a Product Owner on a technical team. My day begins with a quick email review before I get on the road. I want to think about some of the the things coming my way while I drive to the office. Upon arrival I'll address some of the items that need to be worked immediately. I'll then review dashboards to see if there are any new bugs or system performance issues. This is especially critical as prior to and after a launch.

As a PO it is my job to define, clarify and prioritize the work for the scrum team. There is a daily stand up meeting that typically lasts 15 minutes. The team members share what they are working on and if there are any blockers. A good deal of time is spent refining and planning work for the next Program Increment (10 weeks) or Sprint (2 weeks). This requires a lot of interaction with business leaders, system architects, and developers to define and plan the solution.

Typically I'm in the office by 7:15 AM and leave around 5:30 PM. I try not to bring too much work home. It's important to read each day. Take time to think and reflect. "One can best prepare themselves for the economic future by investing in your own education. If you study hard and learn at a young age, you will be in the best circumstances to secure your future." - Warren Buffett

Melissa’s Answer

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Typical day is spent on conference calls.  Some with video.  Conference calls are virtual meetings when you work in a company with team members across the globe.  When I am not on the phone collaborating then I am working on presentation material or ensuring my projects are running smoothly and on time.  I also communicate with my team via instant messaging tools.  When you need a quick answer, instant messaging is ideal.  Corporate America is no longer a 9-5 day.  I had a conference call last night from 10-1130 because my audience was in India and the day was starting for them.  There are days that are long and then there are days that are not too busy.  Overall, you find a way to balance your time.