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Anina H. Feb 20, 2019 353 views

Which software team should I pick for my summer internship?

I've been using CareerVillage ever since high school to get help, and I feel like I'm finally close to the finish line.. I'm a junior in college majoring in Computer Science at a well-known school. I accepted a backend software engineering internship for this summer, and I was recently sent a...

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Omar C. Aug 01, 2019 232 views

1. What do you like about your career?

Learning about computer technology in Job Corps in San Jose, CA, U.S.A. #computer #technology...


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Anina H. Aug 02, 2019 263 views

What types of software engineering roles will allow me to spend the most time actually writing code?

Hi everyone. I'm a CS major in college, about to become a senior, and will be looking for a full-time role soon. I feel like I'm on track, and am considering what type of software engineering role I'd like to pursue. One thing that I've learned from my summer internship is how much of software...

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Thomas N. Aug 16, 2019 96 views
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Grace L. Aug 18, 2019 277 views

How can I make money at 15-16 years old?

I'm very young, but being a teen is quite expensive, and i'd like to start contributing to my family. I have years of babysitting and pet sitting experience, I can cook, clean, anything, but no one is willing to hire a high schooler. #money #finance #money #career...