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How does a venture capitalist company originate? Is a large amount of money required to begin a venture capitalist company?

Asked Boston, Massachusetts

My name is Kevin and I am a sophomore in Boston. I have interest in this profession and I am curious about how to get involved. #investing #venture-capital

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Updated New York, New York

Hi Kevin!

Venture capital (VC) is a fascinating industry. The origins of VC firms can vary significantly, but most VC capital comes from large institutions such as pension funds, endowments (e.g. universities and hospitals), charitable foundations, insurance companies, family offices (very wealthy families), and corporations. Some VC money also comes from high net worth individuals. However, smaller VC funds are more likely to have individuals as investors rather than large institutions.

Most VC founders have worked at another VC or start-up company before starting their own VC firm. Maybe you can find a summer internship in the field?

Hope this is helpful and good luck!