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What is the meaning of life in administration?

I want to pressure career in administration after I complete my vocation in office administration in Job Corps. #teaching #career

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2 answers

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crest’s Answer

Hi Jennifer,

A career in admin, like any career, can either be very boring and easy or very fast paced and challenging. This also depends on the industry that you enter. Federal, state, county, and city jobs are always hiring admins and depending on where you get hire, your job can be very simple. However, if you're trying to enter tech or the startup world, these admin jobs can be extremely challenging, such as the managing of ordering office supplies for an office of over 1k people, or working your way up to an executive assistant and helping executives organize and plan their time. Every industry will hire for admins and depending on what you want to do, your experience will be different. Admins can earn a large salary over time and is an integral role in many companies.

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dana’s Answer

Are you asking what can you expect as far as job satisfaction form being an office administrator?